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Our Area of Focus

Youth Empowerment

The future is not hopeful if the youth of today are not prepare for he future challenges, that is why we are focusing on skills training and small trade business education.

Proverty Deduction

As part of the United Nations MDG proverty reduction is one of our key focus area. Small skill farming is one of the ways sustainable development can be achieved.


HIV/ AIDS split family members apart especially in developing countries, where because of the fear of contracting the desease some time neglect the care for their love ones.

Farm to market roads

Transportation continue to remain the primary challenge we face in Liberia today , without adressing this issue achieving the UN MDG will remain impossible increasing the likeliwood of the following:

  • Farmers find it difficult to get their produce to market.
  • Price of imported goods increases.
  • Rerual health care services almost non existance.
  • Sustainability is almost inpossible.
  • Porpulation dencity increases, which can result to health out breaks.

The UN sustainable development

We believe we can still achieve the eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) set the United Nations, you can do that by helping in these areas:

  • Eradicating extreme proverty and humger.
  • Achieving universal primary education.
  • Promoting gender equality and women empowerment.
  • Reducing child motality.
  • Improving mertinity health.
  • Combating HIV/ Aids, malaria and other diseases.
  • Ensure enviromental sustainability.
  • Global partnership for development

Safe drinking water is a human right

Over 70% of the world we live in is cover by water by yet safe drinking water is a major concern for people  around the world especially in developing countries. And Liberia is no exception. That is why we are looking to partner with other local and international Non-governmental/ non-profit organization to help address this needs in communities to not only provide safe drinking water but to also stress the need to drink clean and safe water.

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